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Whether you are listening to a pulsating rhythm, dulcet tones, or traditional tunes, it is undeniable that radio is a medium for everyone- and is listened to by everyone! This platform of disbursing information and music is universal. Regardless of education, place of residence, or profession radio is listened to from the early morning hours until the late hours of the night. We wake up to the dynamic sounds of the morning programs, listen to our favorite songs at work, keep calm during rush hour traffic, and relax at home all while listening to the radio. Every day dozens of thousands of Ukrainian people now listen to URC Radio. With our varied program plans (including news, talk, rubrics, and music) and our years of experience in the radio industry and marketing to the Ukrainian community, you can rest assured we will get your message to all listeners. Our clients are unique with various needs, therefore we have devised the following special offers…

Our Service & Technologies:
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting
  • Online Streaming
  • Radio & Internet Advertisement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertisement strategy for your business
  • Audio Branding & Audio Ads.



3 Months Min. Required
$ 750.00/MONTH
  • check 1 spots/HOUR Audio Commercial Ads Placement (up to 30 sec.), commercial audio production included.
  • check Graphic Ad Banners Design
  • check Social Media Posting on URC Radio Pages (3 posts/week)
  • check 4 placements a week in our weekly live-streaming, evening radio-shows' ad blocks.
  • check 2 / week placement on our powerful Partner's Groups
  • check 1 / month Live-Streaming interview (up to 30 min)
  • check Providing Phone Number for Tracking (all calls will be identified from URC Radio)
  • check Monthly Reporting

10% OFF for 6m. contract; 15% OFF for 12m.

Advertisement Opportunities:

URC RADIO is not just a radio station, it is a multi-thousand online community of over 100,000 people. Our listeners and followers include well-known Ukrainian stars and public figures,  founders of successful US businesses, creative people, and generally progressive people of a new generation. The URC Radio community is a major source of exclusive information for Ukrainians in America, and not only, thanks to our daily updated informational resources, 24-hour airtime, and our mobile technology, our listeners have a wide range of access to the information and only selected, high-quality music anywhere and anytime.


Our Audience/Demographics
  • Ukrainians in North America (US and Canada) – people with modern views on life, who take an active position in their life, who love Ukraine, and who support Ukrainian.
  • Successful businessmen and entrepreneurs.
  • Creative personalities.
  • Ukrainian music lovers.
  • Ukrainian Truckers in the USA and Canada.
  • Other people
Why URC Radio?
  • URC RADIO is not just a radio station, it is a multi-thousand online community.
  • High-Efficiency advertisement
  • The wide progressive audience of listeners (Ukrainian people and in the US and Canada, aged – 20-55 y.o.)
  • Internet broadcasting (significantly reduces the cost of advertising compared to traditional (AM, FM) radio stations.
  • High-performance, creative, customized, and high-tech advertising solutions for your business
  • Creative advertisement department
  • Transparent statistics, detailed reporting, and professional analytics
  • Wide partner network (newspapers, magazines, portals, social groups on local ecosystems …)
  • 24-hour broadcasting with accessibility anywhere in the world
  • A professional creative team with a modern vision and knowledge of advanced technologies and marketing
  • Own live-streaming  studio, equipped with modern equipment, software, and technologies, located in the North Suburbs of Chicago (Arlington Heights)
  • Available on various platforms (Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Web-Streaming Services – Streeme, Deezer, etc.).
  • Local advertising information and local business ads which is more effective for results.
Advertisment Types:
  • Programs and rubrics sponsorship
Sponsorship of programs and sections provides additional benefits for advertisers, as it definitely separates the partner from the flow of other advertising campaigns, which makes the advertising event exclusive and provides an opportunity for the partner’s emphasis. URC Radio offers partners a wide range of already created programs and sections and also provides the option of exclusive construction specifically for the advertising needs of the partner.
  • Audio Commercial Ads
Placement of commercial advertising (audio clips up to 30 sec.) On 24/7 air URC Radio. Different price ranges are available depending on the time of audio advertising (Prime Time, Business Time, Non-Business Time), and the duration of the partnership – 1, 3, 6, 12 months.
  • Social Media Advertisement:
Placement of partner’s advertising information on our online resources URC Radio with an audience of thousands (social pages, groups, website).
  • Special mini-programs.
These mini-programs are discussions about products, and can even include the commentary of experts! A great way to engage prospects and answer commonly asked questions.
  • Interactive contests. 
The creation of interactive contests is scripted and perfectly fitted to the sponsor. This is a fantastic way to get both current and future clients excited about your product or service!
  • Promotional spots. 
Promotional advertising during the announcements of a selected program with a final round (radio spot) is perfect for niche marketing.
  • Creation and production. 
You are an expert in your field and have a plethora of things to do to grow your business, let us take the stress off of having to come up with a witty or catchy marketing campaign. We have years of experience and know what works! We can also help with the preparation of website promotions, i.e. banners, contests, and flash applications!
  • Non-standard projects.
We also cover sponsorships and contests to take your business to the next level.
Our Free and simple Mobile Apps:
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • One click for listening
  • Ability to view what sounded on the air during the last hour
  • Ability to share your favorite song
  • Alarm function
  • Timer function
  • Direct link to the URC Radio website 
  • Links to our social network pages and resources


Sponsorship of programs and Headings gives additional privileges for advertisers, because it definitely separates the partner from the flow of other advertising companies, which makes the advertising event exclusive and provides an opportunity for accentuation. URC Radio offers partners a wide range of already created programs and headings and also provides the option of exclusive creation specifically for the advertising needs of the partner. 






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URC Radio – It’s a modern Ukrainian Online Radio in Chicago. The best, fresh, trendy pop, folk, of course, “Ukrainian classic” and modern and unforgettable international music hits! Exclusive news from Ukraine, Local Chicago News in the Ukrainian language, interesting radio-show, rubrics & programs. We are on AIR – 24/7